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Cbd Oil Buy 10% 50% Golden Full Spectrum Cas 13956-29-1 Plant Extract Cannabidiol

Cbd Oil Buy 10% 50% Golden Full Spectrum Cas 13956-29-1 Plant Extract Cannabidiol

    • Cbd Oil Buy 10% 50% Golden Full Spectrum Cas 13956-29-1 Plant Extract Cannabidiol
    • Cbd Oil Buy 10% 50% Golden Full Spectrum Cas 13956-29-1 Plant Extract Cannabidiol
  • Cbd Oil Buy 10% 50% Golden Full Spectrum Cas 13956-29-1 Plant Extract Cannabidiol

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Leji
    Model Number: CBD

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    Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: Aluminum Foil Bag, barrel, or drum.
    Delivery Time: 7-15 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, western union, moneygram
    Supply Ability: 5 - 25 metric ton per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Other Names: Cannabidiol Appearance: Herbal Extract
    Application: Yellow Oil Cas No.: 13956-29-1
    Mf: C21H30O2 Type: Herbal Extract
    Density: 1.025g/cm3 Water Solubility: Not Soluable In Water
    Melting Point: 62-63°C Boiling Point: Bp2 187-190° (bath Temp 220°); Bp0.001 130°
    Flash Point: 11 °C Storage Condition: 2-8℃
    Refractive Index: 1.545 Package: 25kg/carton Drum
    Shelf Life: 6 Months
    High Light:

    herbal extract oil


    liquid herbal extracts

    Cannabidiol cas 13956-29-1 Plant Extract Golden Full spectrum Cbd Oil 10% 50%

    Cannabidiol CBD Oil 



       CBD is a natural botanical concentrate. Decades of research indicate that CBD interact with the body’s system, a complex system that contributes to a variety of biological processes like inflammation responses, relaxation, sleeping, and appetite. It can be used in medicine, health care products, food and daily chemical products, etc. as active ingredients.

       Cannabidiol (CBD) is the main chemical component of medicinal plant cannabis. It is extracted from female cannabis plant and is a non addictive component of cannabis. It has anti spasm, anti anxiety, anti-inflammatory and other pharmacological effects. Not only can chemical book act on the treatment of a variety of difficult diseases, but also can effectively eliminate the hallucinogenic effect of THC on human body, which is called "anti marijuana compound".




    Product Parameters


    CAS No. 13956-29-1
    Molecular Formula C21H30O2
    LogP 5.8465
    PSA 40.460
    Flash point 11 °C
    Melting point 238-239°(dec.)
    Boiling point bp2 187-190° (bath temp 220°); bp0.001 130°


    Shelf life 2 Years



    Cbd Oil Buy 10% 50% Golden Full Spectrum Cas 13956-29-1 Plant Extract Cannabidiol 0



       Cannabidiol is the main non-psychoactive substance in industrial hemp. It has medical effects of relieving convulsion, anti-inflammation, anxiety, pain, Parkinson's disease and vomiting and has showed remarkable effects in anti-depression, anti-epilepsy, anti-cancer, analgesic, sedation. It can be used in medicine, health care products, food and daily chemical products, etc. as active ingredients.
       1. Antispasmodic effect: CBD has the activity of reducing or preventing spasm in experimental animals. Later, it was found that CBD could enhance the antispasmodic effects of phenytoin and sedative hypnotics.
       2. Anti anxiety and sedative effects: BD can relieve pressure and reduce ulcer caused by pressure. BD can prevent anxiety caused by THC, and even has an impedance effect on other central nervous system effects caused by THC. Of course, not all thc effects can be blocked by CBD.
       3. Anti insomnia effect: relatively high dose of CBD (160mg) can significantly prolong the sleep time of insomnia patients.
       4. Antiemetic effect: CBD and cbd-dmh have antiemetic effect on mice. Because of the small toxicity of CBD, it has a good application prospect for relieving nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy.
       5. Anti inflammatory effect: BD produces TNF regulatory products through peripheral blood monocytes. Because of the potential anti-inflammatory, low toxicity and non neurotoxicity of CBD, it has been used as a therapeutic agent for collagen arthritis, and it also has a certain effect on rheumatoid arthritis. In vitro, CBD can significantly reduce TNF and no production by peritoneal macrophages.
       6. Antiepileptic: GABA neurotransmitter in human brain has sedative effect and inhibits the excitability of brain center. CBD can help to control the consumption of GABA neurotransmitter, inhibit brain excitation, reduce epilepsy, and also help to improve the efficacy of other antiepileptic drugs. CBD Oil buy in bulk.
       7. Antitumor effect: CBD can inhibit the proliferation, metastasis or induce autophagy or apoptosis of tumor cells. CBD can also inhibit glioma, leukemia and prostate cancer. In serum-free condition, CBD and tamoxifen (antiestrogen) incubate with C6 glioma cells together, which has a certain inhibitory effect on glioma.
       8. Neuroprotection: CBD has certain neuroprotection. Its active mechanism is to regulate some important signal pathways, activate the transcription of PPAR γ, and reduce the occurrence of neuroinflammation. CBD has a certain inhibitory effect on refractory epilepsy, and can reduce the frequency of seizures. CBD can restore or partially restore the brain damage caused by hypoxia and glucose deficiency by regulating the apoptosis of nerve cells, regulating the dysfunction of astrocytes, reducing neuroinflammation, increasing the level of BDNF and other mechanisms. CBD can also alleviate social anxiety and depression.
       9. Metabolism and immunoregulation: CBD can regulate the level of inflammatory factors and the production of interferon. CBD has certain control effect on the occurrence of diabetes or the treatment of early diabetes. On the one hand, CBD can reduce the incidence of diabetes by inhibiting the occurrence of pancreatitis and the production of inflammatory th-1-related cytokines, turning the immune response from Th-1 (inflammatory cytokine dominant) mode to Th-2 (anti inflammatory cytokine dominant) mode; On the other hand, for early diabetes, CBD treatment can significantly reduce the level of pro-inflammatory factor IL-12, while the level of anti-inflammatory factor IL-10 is significantly higher, and the results of histological examination of islets of Langerhans are better than those of the control group.
       10. Cardiovascular protection: CBD has certain vascular protection. CBD has vasodilative activity mediated by PPAR γ activation.
       11. Liver protection: CBD has a certain protective effect on liver injury caused by ischemic liver injury and chronic alcoholism.
       12. Antibacterial effect: CBD has certain inhibitory activity on Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, and the minimum inhibitory concentration range is 1-5 μ g / ml. THC and CBD had a certain antibacterial activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus EMRSA-15 and emrsa-16 (methicillin-resistant Staphylococus aureus, also known as superbacteria) and fluoroquinolo ne resistant Staphylococcus aureus sa-1199b (fluoroquinolo-ne-resistant Staphylococus aureus). The minimum inhibitory concentration was 0.5-2 μ g / ml.
       13. Other pharmacological effects: CBD also has antioxidant effect, which can resist glutamate neurotoxin (stronger than ascorbate or vitamin E), and is a potential antioxidant. In addition, CBD also has the effect of anti diazepam and anti Gram-positive bacteria, and it is effective in controlling dystonia and myasthenia. CBD analogue △ 6-cbd has thc like activity.



       1. Epilepsy CBD can reduce the frequency of epileptic attack by regulating GABA neurotransmitter. GABA, a neurotransmitter with sedative effect, can inhibit the excitability of brain center. When the level of GABA falls too low, it may cause epilepsy. CBD is an inhibitor of GABA uptake, which means it keeps enough GABA in the brain. CBD can help improve the efficacy of other commonly used antiepileptic drugs and play a neuroprotective role. In addition, CBD helps to keep brain cells healthy and reduce cell damage.
       2. The ability of schizophrenia and psychotic CBD to reduce the psychedelic effect of THC may help schizophrenics. THC mainly acts on brain areas such as hippocampus and prefrontal cortex, which also affect the brain areas of schizophrenics. CBD has the opposite effect with tchemicalbookhc in these exact areas, so many researchers say CBD can be used as antipsychotics. In combination with traditional drugs, CBD has been successful as an early trial of supplementary treatment for schizophrenia, and its anti-inflammatory effect also increases its antipsychotic effect, because psychosis is also related to inflammation in the brain.
       3. The relationship between depression and anxiety CBD and endogenous cannabinoid may help us to solve the anxiety problem. When there is enough endogenous cannabinoid in the patient, the patient will feel less anxious. CBD can inhibit the decomposition of endogenous cannabinoids, so you can enjoy the feeling of relaxation at any time, effectively deal with depression and anxiety, and be in high spirits all day. It can be said that CBD can manage mental health more widely and effectively. CBD itself is a powerful drug, and when combined with other cannabinoids, the effect may be better.




    Q1: How long is your delivery time?


    A: Prompt shipment after receipt of order confirmation for regular products. Generally it is 1-5 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 5-15 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

    Q2: How much for the freight?
    A: It depends on your area, we will use DHL, FedEx and EMS bulk service, it had discount as normal express service.
    Q3: How can i release the payment to you?
    A: We can receive your payment by T/T, moneygram or Western union which is recommended.


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